Power Real Estate E-mails & Letters 5th Edition

Power Real Estate E-mails & Letters 5th Edition


Correspondence is an essential part of an agent or broker’s day-to-day business. This title offers professionals a variety of emails and letters that can be adopted for any circumstance, saving time and resources. As a bonus, they are available electronically for download. An excellent resource for both new and experienced agents, this volume is a superb addition to your bookstore.

Chapter 1: Promoting Yourself
Chapter 2: Listing Solicitations
Chapter 3: Solicitations for Expired and For-Sale-by-Owner Listings
Chapter 4: Responses to Owner Inquiries
Chapter 5: Residential Buyer Solicitations
Chapter 6: Land, Business, and Investment Buyer Solicitation
Chapter 7: Servicing the Listing
Chapter 8: Buyer E-mails and Letters
Chapter 9: Breach of Contract and Other Conflict Communications
Chapter 10: Property Management
Chapter 11: Broker, Lender, and Attorney Letters
Chapter 12: Personnel Letters
Chapter 13: Press Releases
Chapter 14: Miscellaneous Letters




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