Just wanted to say thanks, again, for your help over the last couple of weeks with the Legal Secretary Program. I especially appreciate your flexibility in class logistics, the focus you put on the lecture material, and the emphasis you palced on key areas that were vital to practical application, as well as successful testing. Again, muchas gracias, man. Just so you know, Bob and I both appriciated the daily discussions we had with you and your candid and insightful opinions. I look forward now to using what I have learned to upgrade my existing resume to be more appealing to employers. I am very relieved to have passed the exam and to have achieved certification. You have restored my faith in instructors and hope your boss appreciates what he has in you. Because of my experience with your class, I will definitely promote your company within my organization. I also hope to have the opportunity to attend additional training at The Legal Academy of Florida myself in the future.
Real Estate Closing Specialist
My Instructor was excellent. Great way of teaching, not only did I enjoy learning, I also felt very comfortable. He helped me a lot and I would love to have him as a teacher again for any other certification.Excellent excellent Teacher. 100%
Very happy with my instructor and course, learned alot in short period of time, excellent I will defenitly recommend to a friend.
Real Estate Closing Coordinator
Jonathan was great. Really knows his stuff and knows how to teach well and convey everything clearly. Very energetic thorough the entire course which is an excellent quality to keep us focused and interested in the classroom. And the fact that he cares about the students and if they pass or need help.
Alfred is an excellent instructor, he adds real world experience with the latest technologies and best practice. He is prepared to steer the whole class during his labs and lectures.
WCI Communities
Paralegal Assistant
Very happy with my instructor and course, learned a lot in short period of time excellent, I will definitely recommend to a friend
Century 21
Title Processor Assistant
The instructor Alfred Andreu is excellent – he covered so much material in 3 months that it was unbelievable! He definitely knows what he does and it shows in the way that he conducts each lecture. He is the greatest! Thanks Legal Academy of Florida for allowing me to experience the Legal Secretary Certificate Program
Florida International University
Legal Assistant
I congratulate The Legal Academy of Florida for a great facility and good lab computers. The Legal Academy of Florida is great and I will definitely be taking more courses and utilizing the services available. The instructors are very knowledgeable on every aspect of the field that they teach. I never felt bored in his class which is a first for me. Top tier educational experience. Thanks
Bilzin Sumberb Attorneys at Law
Legal Assistant