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One of the most exciting aspects of the legal secretary profession is the diversity of employment opportunities within the field.

The fact is that most legal secretaries will only work primarily in 1 or 2 areas of law. For example, the majority of legal secretaries works as litigation legal secretaries, and do a little work in one or two other areas, such as contract law, or incorporating businesses. These are only 3 of many possible areas of employment legal secretaries have available to them:
• Litigation
• Bankruptcy
• Immigration
• Criminal Law
• Workman's Compensation
• Construction Defect
• Contract Law
• Corporate Law
• Real Property
• Administrative Law
• Court Clerk
• Prosecutor's OfficePublic
• Defender's Office
• Incorporation
• Oil and Gas
• Environmental Law
In addition to the previously listed opportunities, possessing a paralegal certificate provides additional professional advantages. There are many professions that, while not technically titled paralegal, are able to make great use of paralegal related skills. Some of these professions include:
  • Real Estate Professionals www.realestate-licensing.com
  • Landlords/Property Managers
  • Patent Clerks
  • Investigative Positions
  • Social Services
  • Office Managers
Many government and corporate positions may also be enhanced by a legal secretary education.
Freelance Legal Secretaries
One dynamic opportunity that may be available to high quality legal secretaries is that of becoming a freelance secretary. This is a legal secretary who works for several different law firms instead of a single firm. A freelance legal secretary is generally compensated as an independent contractor instead of as an employee, and bills the firm at an agreed upon hourly rate.

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