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New Life & Health and Property & Casuality Insurance Courses!

Each state has its own licensing requirements for health and life insurance sales agents. Typically, state's departments of insurance establish and oversee these programs and serve as the ideal source for determining what's needed to practice within a given geographic area. State licensing programs typically requireinsurance agents to receive training beyond a high school diploma or GED. That is why the Cape School is offering an Life & Health insurance preliminary courses as and Insurance Continuing education courses Online.

Pre-licensing Courses
Pre-licensing classes for life and health insurance are courses that insurance agents take prior to taking state licensing exams. In certain states, a specific number of training hours are necessary to qualify to take exams; in others, prospective agents may opt to take a class to ensure they learn the appropriate material that appears on the exam. Classes are available online at the Cape School.
Continuing Education Classes
States typically issue a life and health insurance license for a limited period of time, such as two or three years. States often require licensed agents to complete life and health insurance classes called continuing-education courses to renew their licenses. Under such requirements, agents must complete a predetermined minimum number of training hours or credits before their licenses expire.
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